See your business in a new light with MitraAI.

Cameras in your enterprise are a key source of untapped business value. MitraAI can unlock this value through image captioning, visual querying, image tagging and in-depth video search. Query the real world like never before with these functions.
machine learning
Streamline visual inspection processes and optimize enterprise workflows with deep learning.
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Advanced video analytics solutions enable real-time policy enforcement. Get in-depth reports on policy violations.
Natural Language Processing
Reduce errors, improve customer satisfaction and employee productivity with real time insights.
Computer Vision
Analyse when and how events like shoplifting occur. Perform in-depth root cause analysis and setup alerts.

Unleash the power of deep learning on your video assets to gain a competitive edge.

With Visual IQ, you can analyze customer behavior, monitor production processes, and optimize supply chains with data-driven decision-making to drive operational excellences.




We take a deep dive into your data, challenges, and IT capabilities to spot new business opportunities, nail down use cases, and map the AI software development journey

The Power the platform packs.

The platform packs a range of power for you to expand the capabilities of the solution and query the real world in depth.

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Image/Video Caption
Generate captions for your images and videos, enabling you to quickly search and locate specific footage
Visual Querying
Ask the video a range of questions to the video, such as "how often have spills occured in this warehouse."
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Automated Alerts
Monitor your video footage in real-time and automatically alert you to any conditions that require attention, such as safety violations or quality issues.
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Activity Recognition
The model can understand 1000s of activities from a video and help you understand detailed analysis.

Industry-specific solutions

We have built years of knowledge to help you use the right kind of tools for problems specific to your domain.

Retail & Hospitality
Track shrinkage, shoplifting, vandalism and suspicious behavior. Also track customer behavior and purchase patterns.
Warehouses & Factories
Maintain consistent quality standards, while reducing compliance costs and fines. Increse employee safety and productivity.
Airports & Malls
Get alerted on security events. Map customer flow and track quality of sanitation.

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