Transform Customer Experience!

Grab Attention

Make a unique first impression as robots introduce guests to the new normal.

the purpose
  • Is that a robot?

    Excite guests with a sleek and attractive robot that is straight out of a sci-fi movie

  • Say Hi!

    Greet the guests with powerful human detection, as robots initiate conversations

  • Sign up

    Enroll guests instantly with secure, state-of-the-art facial recognition

Provide Assistance

Resolve all customer queries, however complicated with intelligent responses.

the purpose
  • AI-powered Conversation

    Cognizant audio and visual responses to frequently asked questions

  • Human-Robot Hybrid

    Utilize the best of both worlds by taking over the robot any time for expert guidance

  • Assisted Tour

    Escort guests to appropriate locations with ingenious autonomous navigation

Establish Connections

Delight the guests with exciting features, while collecting pertinent observations.

the purpose
  • Fun and Entertainment

    Amuse guests using games and quizzes, and capture customer glee by taking pictures

  • Know the Customer

    Understand preferences through customer analytics, and make intelligent recommendations

  • Voice of Customer

    Increase customer satisfaction through smart feedback, testimonials and survey collection

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Meet the Robots

Which can take customer interaction to a whole new level

Mitra Healthcare Robot Usecase
Mitra Healthcare Robot Usecase

The Technology

Our robots combine cutting edge technologies like AI computer vision, natural language understanding, speech synthesis; laser guided navigation and hosts a range of peripheral sensors to provide a superior customer experience

Pattern Recognition

Topped with computer vision tools for pattern, gesture & optical character recognition

Autonomous Navigation

Futuristic navigation system with obstacle detection and intelligent path planning

AI and ML

Deep Learning Models to process the data and provide actionable insights. On-board NLP customized on top of RASA

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